Hello there! I'm R E I L E E N
, 18 years of existence here on planet Earth. May 21, 1995 is my day and a true blooded Pinay, POTTERHEAD and im proud to be a YFC :) I'm simple, music lover, a typical bookworm and kinda have a girl next door attitude.
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when I made my first Eiffel Tower :) #paris #drawing #eiffeltower
another epic fail. it’s hard mixing colors!!!! grrrr
messy work place uh? #watercolor #bonding #artsandcraft

I want a clingy relationship. Being clingy is not being obsessed. It is just a very genuine way of showing your love for someone. To some it is too much. For me it is one of the preeminent relationships a human being could ever have. Imagine someone who loves you so much and is not petrified to show it to the world. Imagine someone who misses you everyday. Imagine someone who doesn’t want to let go of your hand. Someone who texts you every hour. Calls you every night and day. Someone who is very attached to you because he/she doesn’t want to lose you. Imagine living with a person like that. A relationship for me is not about what you say, it is about what you show and how you show it. And I think a clingy relationship is the best example for this. This type of relationship indeed makes me feel loved, cared, and wanted by someone I really want to be with for the rest of my life.
So excited to start watercolor painting :)
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I dont want to fall inlove with someone who likes potatoes. #realtalk
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